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i like crying over hannibal,
star trek, and lana del rey
@7:50am on 29 Sep929+
that's gay;  that's fuckin gay;  fandom: star trek;  character: win win scenarios;  
hello ladies cute feminist boy here


i am into consensual sex, i bathe, and i have gone four months without taking a human life

@9:26pm on 28 Sep51754+
text: random;  


two jaeger pilots drift for the first time. when they get out of the pod, one looks at the other and goes “we’ve been best friends since forever and you nEVER TOLD ME ABOUT THAT KINK?”

@9:25pm on 28 Sep2413+
text: random;  

ferbnessa replied to your post “when i come back for break i need to do film photoshoots of…”


we should do a group one also

yes please u two are v photogenic it can only be better w both of u

@5:39pm on 27 Sep2+
tumblr user ferbnessa;  is this an ok tag;  chromaqueer;  

when i come back for break i need to do film photoshoots of chromaqueer and ferbnessa potentially w/ url themes. lawr can be chromatic and queer and vanessa can be extremely ferbnessa.

@5:36pm on 27 Sep2+
text: random;  chromaqueer;  tumblr user ferbnessa;  

I listened to lana del rey the whole time and met a really cute baby who kept grabbing my hands so it could have been worse

@10:55am on 27 Sep2+
jeremysucks;  but I have never in my life taken an hour long city bus ride;  

today I took a bus to garden city just to buy some damn hair dye

@10:52am on 27 Sep3+
text: me;  it's brown don't get excited;  
@11:12am on 26 Sep375+
what the hell;  human: Nichelle Nichols;  i can't remember my tag for nyota?????;  


Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, I have fought my way here to the castle beyond the Goblin City…

@9:15pm on 25 Sep375+
such a good movie god bless;  terrible but good;  fandom: misc;  


astrophotography by matt payne in coloardo and oregon. the panoramas seen here are created by stitching up to twenty photos together. (see also: previous astrophotography)  

@12:23pm on 25 Sep18029+
space;  chroma;  vy;  
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